Delivery conditions and instructions for paper suppliers

Supplying offset paper

  • Please send a correct EDI message at Papinet no later than one hour before the delivery time;
  • Register each cargo vehicle in advance at

Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Freight transport that arrives earlier than reported have to wait in the Voltastraat parking lot.

Offset paper rolls supply instructions:

  • Provide the rolls in a seaworthy packaging;
  • Separately wrap up each roll. If this does not work out, please stick a label on the round side of each roll and a second one on the roll’s flat side;
  • Always state Senefelder Misset’s paper number on each label;
  • State the paper number and order form number of Senefelder Misset on the weight note accompanying the supplied paper;
  • State the registered delivery date and time on the shipping documents;
  • Add a barcode to the paper roll labels;
  • Stick label visible from the forklift view side and pointing to its side;
  • Stick a label on the round side of each roll and a second one on the flat side;
  • Only follow the Joloda system;
  • Deliver the paper rolls in upright position and preferably stacked;
  • Deliver the rolls sorted by batch;
  • Deliver the rolls and sheet paper stacks separately with each own shipping documents and weight note.

Senefelder Misset’s logistics department inspects if the deliveries meets these conditions. Kindly inform your Senefelder Misset contact person in advance if these conditions cannot be met. Without permission, Senefelder Misset advocates the right to make the delivery convincingly, whereby the delivery agreements remain unchanged.

Do you have any questions about these conditions? Ask your Senefelder Misset contact person. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

July 2024,
Senefelder Misset
Purchasing and Logistics Departments